Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Time for Refreshment and Renewal

And...we're (almost) off! In 8 hours, 8 of my girlfriends and I will be heading to KC to meet up with my cousin Sarah and her friends to attend the Women of Faith Conference. I am so very excited! I have never been able to attend one, and we have been planning this for nearly a year. It is going to be a time of refreshment, renewal, fellowship and uninhibited praise for my Jesus.

I am so thankful for the life I have. My husband is the love of my life. My kids are the apple of my eye. My friends are amazing, my extended family is at peace, and my church family is healing - all praise to Abba! But even with all these abundant blessings, I have found myself tired, overloaded, irritable, lazy in my devotion and prayer time, and generally luke-warm. That is so hard for me to admit, but confession is good for the soul. I have been praying this week for God to speak with me intimately, to make some truths evident and relevant, and to show me where He wants to use me. I have no doubt He has big plans for this weekend, too big for me to even comprehend.

I am so appreciative to my moms - both of them - to help me with the kids while Kelly is working. I love Kelly for acknowledging that my soul desperately needs this time and encouraging me to go, even when it means so much more for him to take care of. Without them all I wouldn't be able to go. I know I will be so very ready to get home to my loves by Saturday night, but at the moment I am wishing the time to move a little quicker!

So what is your way to refresh and renew? Have you been able to take this sort of trip before to worship? Or do you carve out time regularly to just connect with the Father uninterrupted? Share your secrets, share your experiences. Blessings to you all!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I attended a Women of Faith conf. several years ago and really did enjoy it. I probably enjoyed eating out with all of the ladies I was traveling with and shopping with them, too, just as much as the conf. Those times of *getaway* are so needed. I think I'm ready for another one--it's been too long! :)