Monday, November 14, 2011


I have had so much going on, that I have not been taking part in the November Gratitude Challenge. But don't take that to mean that I am not thankful for all the many blessings in my life! It's just that the "blessings" have kept me so busy that I haven't been on the computer much till last night! LOL! So I am going to try to catch up and continue this challenge for the rest of the month - I'm good at cramming! :D

1. I am thankful for my savior, Jesus Christ. Without His sacrifice, the rest of these numbers would not be possible.

2. I am thankful for Kelly. He has been my best friend, my lover, my helpmeet, my other half for nearly half my life now. Words can not tell you how much I'm in love with him and the life we've made together.

3. I am thankful for my children. Even now, the chaos going on behind me - even though driving me up the wall - is such a blessing because it means my home is their haven. They are all healthy. They are each other's main playmates and best friends. Their imaginations are large...and loud...and their creativity knows no bounds. I know I may desire a moment's peace on many occasions, but I know there are years ahead when my heart will ache for the noises of their childhood.

4. I am thankful for my sisters, and cousin that is like my sister. Angie, Ariel, Tiffany, and April. They have been there through the worst times, and they've shared in the best times. God gave us each other for a reason, and the journey is so much sweeter with them by my side.

5. I am thankful for my girlfriends Stephanie, Michelle, Niki and April. My life would be so much more difficult without these girls to pull me through. They lift me up, make me laugh, and always tell me the truth even when it's hard to hear. They are amazing, godly women who inspire me and challenge me. They love my kids as their own, and they even put up with Kelly! ;)

6. I am thankful for our amazing country. The United States is still a shining light on a hill to so many other nations. We are the hope that many strive for. We have a lot of problems ourselves, and I am not saying it is perfect. Goodness, far from it! But even through the difficulties, God has granted us a position of authority and leadership that we work hard to live up to. We must remember to pray for those who lead this country and the government. Land of the free, home of the brave - may God continue to bless the USA.

7. I am thankful for the freedom to homeschool my kids. All of you should know how very passionate I am about my children, and the Lord called this rebellious, stubborn mama to take a stand for them and Him. I was afraid for so many reasons and continually refused to heed His gentle proddings. But now, 6 years later, I can't imagine any other way to raise our family. Kelly has encouraged and cheered me on, picked me up when I was a blubbering mess, and reminded me often of the end honor God with all our hearts, minds and strength. We are proud of what our children are accomplishing and learning. But more than that, we are thankful for the godly people they are becoming. God is going to use them, not because of me, but despite me. He continually works in me and them to teach each other about His grace and mercy. My heart aches to think of what all I'd have missed if I had refused to obey the Father's calling.

8. I am thankful for my co-op family, Lighthouse Christian Academy. This homeschooling journey would be nigh on impossible some days without the love and support I receive from my friends and mentors at LCA. The people there are my anchor, and a sweet reminder from God that we are not in this alone.

9. I am thankful for the cooler weather. Fall is my favorite time of year - you can't beat hot chocolate, bonfires, hoodies and crunching leaves!

10. I am thankful for my church family. Evergreen has been our home for over 13 years. We had to say goodbye to them this past year, but have recently been led back home after many months away. The work is not over, but the Lord is moving and healing. Praise Jesus!

11. I am thankful for fuzzy socks. Even though I love the cooler weather, I hate cold feet! I can never have enough pairs of fuzzy socks! ;)

12. I am thankful for 88.3 The Wind FM. I love hearing my kids sing praises to Jesus, and I am so glad to have the Clean Air in my car every day.

13. I am thankful for my new RED blender - it chops ice very very well, and it even has a pour spout! Yay, I am so happy! :)

14. I am thankful for Disney World...and I am so ready to go back. I know it's gonna be quite a while till we can make it happen, but the memories are so much fun to relive through our photos and videos. Barely a day goes by when someone in our house says, "Remember when we were at Disney World and (such and such) happened?"

15. I am thankful that we finished the 500 piece puzzle on my kitchen table tonight - I was seriously considering throwing it away out of frustration, but seeing Canon so excited tomorrow to see it complete and glued together for his room will totally be worth all the work we put into it!

Well, I am now caught up! Sorry I had to cram, but this procrastination habit is getting to be a problem. I'm gonna do better...later! HA!


  1. Well done! =) How big is the finished puzzle?

    Visiting from the crew and pleased to be your newest follower.

    Blessings to you and yours,


  2. I'm thankful for Disney World and Fuzzy Socks too - two of my favorites!

  3. I am thankful for having 3 of my kids graduate within a year. My 18 year old graduated high school in May, my 21 year old graduates college this month (or December) and my 17 year old graduates high school in May.

  4. PK, it's 10"x18"! It was a Disney Toy Story puzzle, and I had no idea it would be so hard!!
    Heidi, I love a kindred spirit! :)
    Tina, congratulations! That is amazing!