Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19

Tonight I am thankful for a friend who has chosen to stand in the power of the Lord and share the Word with those of us who need to hear that we can, too.

Jeffrey Chavez, my dear friend and pastor, is one of a kind. He is kind of a dork. ;) He is DEFINITELY A.D.D.! :O And he is an example to me about setting your box aside and letting God do the work in your life so you become a totally empty vessel for Him to use how He sees fit. It hasn't been an easy road - and I'm pretty sure it doesn't look like Jeffrey expected it to look - but The Catalyst Springfield is officially a launch. While he still maintains that our first "Official" service won't be until April (Easter weekend), Jeffrey is already a pastor to many...feeding God's people the Holy Word...discipling and evangelizing...creating small groups, and spreading the Good News of Jesus to a lost and hopeless world. So, yes, Jeffrey, say what you may. But this ministry is off the ground and taking wings.

Tonight, Jeffrey referred to us people at The Catalyst as "broken toys". (Do you know the reference? In Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the broken and unused toys were sent to the Island of Misfit Toys. They were torn, worn, and unloved. They were cast aside and told they were useless. But they were not useless - they still had a purpose!) Jeffrey talked about some of the great, powerful men of the bible, and he reminded us that THEY were not the powerful ones. But God had shown HIS power through their mighty deeds. Jeffrey urged us all to see ourselves, and to those we want to share Jesus with, as broken toys - torn, worn, but STILL loved by the Father and capable of being used for His glory.

He delivered the message with typical Jeffrey flair ;), and it resonated with me deeply. It's not always easy to put our own plans aside and say yes to God. He said that we often forget our role as the "created" and not the Creator. Sometimes I am guilty of that. I want to drag my feet, or hide my face, or just pretend the message wasn't intended for me. But the fact is that He will use me regardless of what baggage I'm carrying. Regardless of how weak I see myself. Regardless of how scared I feel. His power will see me through.

Jeffrey told me recently that he was scared to talk to me about something, but knew he needed to be honest with me. God used Jeffrey to make me deal with a few issues I was burying and pretending weren't issues any longer. Jeffrey could have ignored the problem. He could have pretended that God hadn't brought the issue to him. But he stood in the power of the Lord and helped me...even when I didn't want the help. That is a true friend, and a great pastor.

So tonight, I'm thankful for my goofball friend, Jeffrey, who lets God have the final word in all his plans and shares that with all he meets.

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