Thursday, December 25, 2008

This Mommy is SO Very Blessed...

Let's just start by saying I am NOT a morning person. I love my bed; my pillows are my friends. I just can't seem to get up at 6 am and say, "OK, Lord, I'm rearing to go!" 8:30 am, maybe, but even then don't hold your breath. 

All that to say that there is something about Christmas morning that is magical. The sun wasn't even up yet, but I was awake. I could hear the kids whispering and giggling in the living room, basically drawing straws on who would come get me and Daddy. The oldest apparently drew the short straw, because I felt a soft poke and a tentative, "Mommy?" a few moments later. :) Bless his heart, he asked me if he could take the baby and show him that Santa had come! I rolled toward him and said I'd bring him out in a second, but HE had to get Daddy when I said I'm not a morning person, multiply that by about 100 when we discuss Kelly's attitude before 11 am. (Granted, he works nights, so I'll be lenient)

Anyway, we were up and going pretty quickly, and everyone found a spot to stake out. When I sat down in my chair, I noticed the baby Jesus was in the manger scene. I said "Baby Jesus is here!" The big guy just grinned and said, "I couldn't wait any longer, Mama!" I smiled and told him I understood. There is nothing I love more than to place our baby Jesus in the manger first thing on Christmas morning - a remembrance to put Him first on this day...and every day.

The stockings had to be first as tradition dictates. I can't believe how excited kids get over bubble bath, markers and tooth brushes! They make me laugh so hard. Then on to the tree. The three big ones wanted to help the baby with his gifts when all he wanted was sissy's crawling baby doll! He loved the paper, the bows, but mainly he loved watching his siblings have so much fun. And of course, Mommy and Daddy can't miss out on the fun. We open one gift at a time, so brothers and sister can see what everyone got, each toy gets a moment in the spotlight, and everyone can ooh and aah respectively. The kids make certain Daddy and I take our turns in the unwrapping. 

I wish my camera could capture every moment, every squeal, every heart beat of time racing a few years, I'll have to wake THEM up to open presents and see what "Santa" brought. 

We had a major glitch with one toy; the big guy's main gift (a Nintendo DS) was defective and wouldn't even start. But even with that serious disappointment, joy was abundant, excitement was contagious and the love of family was unmatched. They started buying small gifts for each other a couple years ago, and I can't tell you how proud I am of them. All three of them are so thoughtful, so careful about picking out just the perfect gift that the other two will love. And they are ever so grateful to one another, too. It is one day out of the year that #1 doesn't push CoCo's hugs away or wipe off her kisses...he may even initiate one all on his own..... 

I know this time is short, and I want to commit to cherish these times as they are happening. I have four precious gifts from the Lord, and I don't want to miss any of it! 

This mommy is so very blessed! 

I hope each of you had moments to cherish today. Whether or not you have children, you shouldn't miss out on the magic that is Christmas