Saturday, April 19, 2014

He is Oh, So Worthy

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking about all the amazing blessings I've seen and heard about the last couple weeks. Here is the short list:

I watched my oldest, along with about 100 other students at Crossway Baptist Church, make a serious commitment in his walk with God.

I watched my six-year-old finish his last reading lesson for his kindergarten year and feel so proud of his accomplishment. I saw my girl overcome some of her fears and really grow in her sport.

A sweet friend blessed me by "anonymously" paying for my dinner on a girls night out.

I took the kids on one of the coolest field trips we've ever been on and watched a young woman I've known since she was a little girl share her passion for Jesus with them.

I got to spend time ministering to my sister after a tough surgery.

I've been watching my best friend love and care for a sweet baby boy, for however long God sees fit, knowing it could be days...or years...but remembering that he is in the Father's hands.

My church is overflowing with new salvations and rededicated servants.

I'm seeing a good friend trust in Jesus and hand all her concerns about her marriage and her children to Him daily with a teary, but hopeful smile.

Another friend just announced the 7th addition to her family (I'm so excited, but kinda jealous! ;D).

Another friend has celebrated her son's healing from cancer (See ya, Kevin!).

Another friend is FINALLY HOME tonight with her five precious children and amazing husband after fighting a horrible cancer and recovering from the mother of all surgeries for the last 6 weeks.

And to top it all off, it's Easter weekend. The kids and I have been reading about Jesus' final days leading up to the crucifixion. Mind blowing, incomprehensible love for me and you. I can't wrap my human brain around it sometimes, but I'm so thankful for His mercies every day. It's easy to forget how miraculous our Lord is. It's easy to stay so focused on the now that we forget to dwell on the eternal. I'm thankful for this night. This quiet house. These reminders of just how much He loves us. How much He cares about all the little details. How much He deserves our praise. He is worthy. He is oh, so worthy.