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A TOS Review: LearnBop

LearnBop for Families Review

There are several ways to teach math concepts, but online learning is becoming more and more mainstream. However, finding a course that will fit the needs of your student can be a chore. LearnBop has been used by public schools all over the country for several years to identify learning gaps and to develop a customized learning path for the individual student. They are now being introduced to the homeschool community in the hopes of becoming an essential tool for homeschool families. I reviewed LearnBop for Families, a 12 months subscription Family Plan. This plan provides learning for all my students, grades 3-12.

Here's a screenshot of the Parent Page. I can look at all my students' progress from the same screen.

Each grade starts out with a roadmap. There are units to work through, so if you are struggling with a certain concept, you can go directly to it and not have them do work in areas they are already competent in. In each unit, the student is given a warmup lesson. Through this lesson, the program will determine any gaps in what the child knows about this subject. After this lesson, the student is given what are called Building Blocks in order to make it to mastery of the concept. These blocks consist of videos and SolveBops - problems to work in regards to the concept being taught. Through these SolveBops, the student earns awards and achievements as they work toward the goal of mastery. They must complete 5 bops in order to move forward. This is a great way to learn if your child is motivated by virtual reward systems. It also gives them a chart showing progress after every Bop completed, so they know what has been accomplished and what they have left to do. My younger kids enjoyed seeing their progress and thought the rewards were pretty cool, too.

When a SolveBop isn't answered correctly, the program takes the student back through the problem step by step. Depending on what concept it is, there may be many steps. The program is very throrough, and I love that it reminds the kids to check on every detail of the problem before finishing. Math is a very precise subject, and one tiny mistake can change the entire answer. It's a great place for them to remember to double and triple check their answers before clicking the button.

One thing I noticed that I didn't particularly care for was that the boys had to scroll back up every time there was a screen change. When the step by step process began, the boys would be at the bottom of the screen and would have to scroll back up to find out where they were. (Small technical thing, I know, but still kind of an annoyance!)

I also liked the detailed Parents Page. I could see everything the kids were working on and what they have accomplished. It is laid out so well, and it is neat to see the charts.

When I asked the kids their opinions of LearnBop, they were all pretty positive. All of my kids do pretty well in math, but it is Caleb and Canon's favorite subject. Chloe hates math, but likes to challenge herself in all she does. She found the progress reports very satisfying and kept her motivated to go back and do more. Caleb and Canon said some of the videos sounded like Hogwarts professors, which made it really fun! LOL! I don't know how many different instructors there are, but I never heard any British accents - but whatever makes them happy! They both liked the fact that there was a breakdown when you missed a problem. It made Canon realize how many more steps there are to figure out certain math problems as he gets older, and that he doesn't need to rush through - rushing leads to skipping something very important!

LearnBop is a great online math program. The building blocks and learning path set forward for each student will help you as a parent make sure that learning gaps are being filled. The step by step breakdown of incorrect problems gives you the confidence that true learning is going on, not just enough to pass the test and move on. It is detailed and thorough, and I can see the benefits. Give LearnBop a try for your student who may be struggling, or for a student that is ready to jump ahead. LearnBop will meet the need.

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LearnBop for Families Review

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