Thursday, April 7, 2016

Back To The Cross - LCA Elementary Musical

I love watching my kids perform, it's one of the greatest joys I have. I loved directing my kids for years, too. But watching simply as a spectator, having no part in the program myself, definitely has its own enjoyments. Tonight, I saw Canon and Caleb just light up on stage, as they usually do. I also saw growth, humor, and the ability to handle difficult situations with grace. There were some stumbles and missteps, but they both still did wonderful.

Caleb's dance partner missed her cue and didn't come out on stage with him, but he still went out and did the best he could to cover till she joined him. One of Canon's friends did something on stage that Canon was supposed to do, but Canon didn't miss a beat. After, the friend apologized for messing him up, and Canon quickly forgave and moved on.

I am always proud of my kids and their accomplishments, but tonight reminds me to appreciate and praise them more. I love that they are talented, but I love even more when they are gracious and kind. I saw that in both of them tonight. And I am thankful.

Caleb in the choir

Canon as CW

Caleb's dance routine

CW telling of Christ's love

Caleb's group song

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