Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Color Blast!!

The boys have had amazing end of co-op experiences, thanks to their awesome PE teachers. The ladies organized a color run, complete with obstacles, awards and LOTS and LOTS of color!! They both had so much fun, and I really enjoyed getting to watch all the kids compete and have a blast. I love the teachers who go the extra mile to teach the subject they are passionate about. Dey, the elementary lead PE teacher, wants to teach kids the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, and she has worked hard to do so all year. The end of year celebration was a triumph, and a well earned reward for the kids learning and working hard in class. I'm so glad my boys have been blessed by her example and teaching. She's just so much fun!!

Caleb's run

"Thanking" Mrs. Dey for all the fun!!

Go, Canon, go!!

Look at my boy jump!!

He was whooped afterward!

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