Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Buster turns 8 years old!

This freckle faced little cutie made his way into the world and my heart 8 years ago is that possible? I am so thankful for Bus - he is a true joy. He loves life with such a passion. His orneriness keeps me on my toes daily. His (mis) use of language keeps us all in stitches often. He is a rotten little brother who gets his way, but they all let him. He has enough charm to keep him out of major trouble. He is the sweetest big brother to Cas and Cadie. He loves Jesus and sings praises with his whole heart.

He has a plethora of nicknames: Buster Brown, Opie, Troll...I could go on and on. To know Caleb is to love him. He'll worm his way into your heart and good graces before you even know it!

We celebrated his big day with lunch at Golden Corral, just him and me. Then we picked up an ice cream cake to share with the family. He asked to go to Sky Zone with his siblings and his best friend, so we did that, too. We topped the night off with Godfather's Pizza. He got his birthday present from us a few days early, a new bike and helmet, and he has been on it pretty much nonstop since Monday! 

I am so thankful for this little bundle of boyness. He has brought so much joy into our life. How I ever thought our family was complete at 3 is a mystery to me. Our #4 makes our lives so very special each and every day.

So Happy Birthday, Caleb Ryan Quinn. You are a blessing to me and all who know you. May God truly bless you in a special way this year!

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  1. Love this kid! He's so full of life.