Monday, March 28, 2016

Another Year Gone By...

Today another milestone, another birthday. Thirty-eight years under my belt, and I still feel like I'm the learner more than the teacher...the novice in most subjects rather than an expert. One needing mentored rather than being a mentor. I've been an adult as long as I was an adolescent, yet I still have a hard time reckoning the fact I've been out of school for nearly 20 years!

I remember my mom turning 30. I was only 4, but I can recall her tears, her depression , her feeling middle aged. Again, I have a hard time record reconciling myself to those same feelings. I'm in the middle of raising my family - dealing with teen angst, toddler tantrums and morning sickness in the same day! I don't feel like 38 is too old after all, even if I may have 20 years ago...

The kids and Kelly have blessed me today. My secret sister at Co op did, too, as well as numerous calls and messages and texts from friends and loved ones. I can't say anything extraordinary happened today. Just life, daily events, and a few extra hugs and "I love you"s . Who could ask for anything more? I'll take my ordinary, Abundantly Blessed life over most others' lives any day of the week.

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