Thursday, April 23, 2015


In the last year, Connor has been blessed by being a part of the Lighthouse Christian Chargers Football team. The new season begins in June, and he is getting very excited. He loves the sport, the challenge, the camaraderie, and the older boys he considers mentors.

This past month, Canon has benefited from the same kind of brotherhood - the senior Charger put on a 5 week flag football session, coaching and mentoring our 4th-6th grade boys. It's been quite a time for him!

When the first practice convened, one of the boys came and talked to me. He said when they began, he asked Canon what he liked to do: catch, throw, run, defend? He laughed when he told me Canon's response: "Canon told me, 'Don't give me the ball - I will disappoint you every time.' So I told him we would put him on defense. He's a card, Mrs. Quinn!"

Yes. Yes, he certainly is. I am so glad these young men are taking time out of their lives to be coaching these boys. The boys love getting to "hang" with the big guys, and they are really learning a lot. Canon hasn't ever cared much for team sports. He is much more comfortable doing his own thing. But this session of flag football has been so good for him. He told his Aunt Ariel last night that he still didn't like watching football, but he LOVES playing it now. It made me so happy to hear, and I know it's because of his coaches.

These young men are doing so much more than coaching. They are mentors that I am proud for my boys to have. They are hard working, fun loving, god fearing young men, and they are truly making a difference in the lives of my boy - a difference that he won't soon forget, and someday may pass on when the opportunity arises. Because he will be able to look back and remember that a few very cool football players saw a goofy boy making grass whistles on the sideline and made sure to include him and teach him how to play a game he learned to love. And I'll be just as proud of him then as I am now.


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