Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Fools!

Awww, the faces of innocence...right?

No, sirree, these are the faces of intense mischief and mayhem, spawned by the master himself:

Not me, the guy on the right!!

Oh, yes, they look precious, but these little minions have become major pranksters this week, all due to the craziness of April 1st. Who in the world came up with April Fool's Day, anyway? I tell you what, he is not my favorite guy! The madness began yesterday, when the plotting and whispering and hysterical giggling ensued. Unbeknownst to me, Connor and Chloe have been pinning multiple prank ideas on their Pinterest boards for weeks (yes, my fault for introducing them to the wonderful world of Pinterest - just goes to show you that anything good and pure can become perverted in the wrong hands...) And boy, did they find some humdingers!

Kelly started it all yesterday morning by trying to trick Canon and Caleb that co-op had officially changed their start time from noon to 9am. It was almost 9, and the boys started scrambling. I looked at Kelly, asked him if he realized it was March 31, and he just groaned. No, he thought it was the 1st. Oh, well, he got a rise out of them - which is exactly what they wanted!

So they all got in on the ... fun ... today. (No, not me. I don't find it much fun, because most of their pranks involve messes. And I'm usually the one to clean up the messes.) 
  • Caleb balanced a schoolbox on the door, and it crashed down on Connor's head.
  • Connor planted a cup of water upside down on the counter and got Chloe to pick it up.
  • Canon greased the doorknobs with vaseline.
  • Chloe tricked the boys into going outside for something, and locked them out of the house in the pouring rain.
  • Connor put poppies under the toilet seat and koolaid in the shower head.
By the time Kelly was leaving for work and I caught Canon headed to Chloe's room with the bottle of maple syrup, I called the day's "festivities" to an end!! (Who knows what he was planning at that point!)

It is just past midnight, and am I glad this holiday has ended. Unfortunately, I am afraid the practical joke bug may carry on past the one selected day...ugh! Happy April 2nd, everyone! :)

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  1. ROFLOL!! Oh my, sounds like you need a vacation. At a beach. Without children or husband!!!