Monday, February 2, 2015

Welcome, Carlie Grace!

So I woke up Saturday morning to a lot of commotion...four little voices giggling and visiting with much excitement in their voices...I knew immediately what it was all about. Tiffany must have gone into labor. Phoebe had gotten the call, Casey had dropped them off, and they had headed to the hospital. Phoebe fed them breakfast, and then they headed up the stairs to have a day of fun with their cousins. My kids were as thrilled and excited as the girls were! We love babies in this family, and the fun of waiting together was just a blast. I will admit, I was a little disappointed. This was Cadie's due date, and I didn't feel any closer to having her than I had for two weeks. But adding a niece or nephew to the family on any day is a blessing.

All of the kids had a lot of fun. They played outside, built Legos, watched movies, had a tea party, and much more. They were looking forward to hearing from Casey, but didn't dwell on it all day. I was actually more anxious to hear than they were, I think! :D When the call finally came, it was very exciting. We all waited with baited breath to find out...girl, or boy???

Emma and I have had a bet the entire time. She was certain it was a boy, and I kept telling her I thought it was a girl! She came up the stairs, and looked at me with a sheepish grin. "You win, Aunt Ammy." LOL, that was it, that was all she had to say! Carlie Grace has joined this family of beauties, and we all are just as happy as can be. My nieces are just beautiful, inside and out. Casey and Tiffany have done a great job raising them to love the Lord and each other. Carlie will be a perfect fit, because God in His infinite wisdom puts our families together just as He knows they should be.

It was a long and exciting day, and the next day was just as packed. Casey picked them up Saturday night late, and he brought them back to us mid morning Sunday. Another day of playing with cousins! The kids hadn't had so much time together in a long time, and I was so proud of how they all behaved. And to think, very soon, two more little ones will be in the middle of all the fun and games!

So Happy Birthday, Carlie Grace! Aunt Ammy and Uncle Kelly and all your cousins love you very much already!  :)

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