Monday, April 2, 2012





1, 2, 3, 4...


Wow, what a fun day this has been! God is so good, and I know he gave us laughter for a reason! He also gave us wonderful friends and family who, while probably think we are completely insane, love and support us through everything.

I'm very early on, so prayers for a safe first trimester and continued pregnancy are much appreciated. We only told today because Kelly couldn't pass up the opportunity to mess with people on April Fool's Day! LOL, and boy did it work! Don't believe me, just go to my Facebook page! ;)

We have decided to cancel the trip to Colorado. Though not the main reason, we decided morning sickness on a 1,600-mile roadtrip is more than either of us want to handle! Hopefully some day...but we know there are tons of great things ahead for the coming year!

Caleb is very excited. He told everyone today he is FINALLY going to be the big brother, and he's going to learn to ride his bike without training wheels this week to prove it! :)

Canon was happy, too. He has asked me 100 times today when the baby will come, what will it be, where will it sleep, does he have to change diapers, will I hurt too much, and many, many, many more! I'm just glad he's curious and pleased!

Chloe is going crazy! She is so ecstatic, she can hardly think of anything else. She, of course, asked God tonight that it be a baby sister...then said, "Better yet, Jesus, TWIN girls would be great!" I just rolled my eyes, but I've always told her to pray her heart's I guess it's my fault, there! :)

Connor is... well...a preteen boy with a mind of his own. Right after we told them, he said he wasn't mad, or sad, but a little confused. I know he is happy, deep down, but he did tell his Aunt Ariel that we didn't even ask him if he wanted another brother or sister...needless to say, Aunt Ariel reminded him that it wasn't his call! :) He did get animated when we started discussing names and of course, when they started debating whether we "needed" a boy or a girl! I have no worries that he will be amazing with the little one once he/she arrives...but I do hope to see his little heart soften quickly.

So that has been the excitement for the week in the Quinn household. Hoping you and yours are feeling as Kelly and I are right now... and that is Abundantly Blessed!!


  1. I'm so excited for you all! I can't wait to meet baby. What joy!

  2. Tell Connor that Daniel is going to be totally jealous! He's always asking us for a little brother or sister. (Some how Curt and I have decided that we're old...and tired...and maxed out!) :) We're so excited for you all! Praying for you and baby!

  3. Babies make for the sweetest news :) Blessings over you all!