Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching Up

Just thought I'd post that I AM alive and kicking....sorry for the massive break in blogging - I've just been so overwhelmed with the schedule, that finding time to write something that wasn't critical (ie:reviews for TOS) has been next to impossible! I've sat down two or three times after midnight this past week to try and write something, and I'd just stare at the screen. Nothing. Blank. Zilch. NO IDEAS WHATSOEVER! How many of you know me? Most, I'm assuming. So you all know how rare it is to find me with ABSOLUTELY nothing to say! I admit, I am still having a hard time believing it myself... ;)

Life is normal around the Quinn home...which is to say, there are not nearly enough days in the week to get all I need to do accomplished! But still, we are loving life and praising the One who makes this journey so worth it. We've had some amazing time with family this last month. My cousin April and her kids came and spent a week with us. We had a great birthday celebration for Caleb's big day (I'm still trying to process that my baby is four!). We took a mini vacation to Kansas City - thanks to Kelly's work! And we have had spring break from co-op this week - woohoo! As much as I love my LCA family, it was so nice to have a day to not be rushing around and getting into my frame of mind that is necessary to wrangle 110 5 to 12-year-olds! :D

Lots coming up, too. My birthday is Wednesday. Band and Orchestra contests are a week from tomorrow...prayers needed there! Easter is just around the corner, and I want so much to focus on my Savior's sacrifice and resurrection with the kids - as well as privately. The kids' musical is May 3 - and they all have big parts this year. :) And we are working on our Colorado vacation plans for mid-May. The list could go on...and on...

This year has already been so packed with blessings, I can hardly believe March is coming to an end. Where does the time go? I hate to sound cliche, or worse, like my mother, but REALLY - it blows me away how quickly the years are flying by! I find myself tired and overloaded, cranky with the kids, and frustrated for not accomplishing what I expected to. But then I realize we have 9 weeks left of the school year, and I can hardly believe it. The cloce just won't slow down, no matter how much I want it to.

So tonight, I just want to take a moment and breathe...breathe in the silence of my home while my babies are sleeping just feet from me...listen to the much needed rain on our porch...focus on this moment...because it, too, will be gone in an instant. I NEED to remember this moment. God has given me so much. I miss a lot of what He's given me because of the hectic schedule I've allowed into our lives. It's my job to set boundaries, to protect our family time, to keep the main thing the main thing. I want to do that better. I will do that better. I'm getting off here. I'm going to go look at my sleeping babies and thank God for those flesh-wrapped miracles He gave me...and ask for the patience and wisdom and all the love He has for me to pour out on them. Because I only have so much time before my job will be done and they won't be here driving me crazy. They won't want to cuddle with me on the couch and read 22 books - or one book 22 times. And regardless of how silly it sounds, I KNOW - without a doubt - that I'll want this moment back. For this moment, time will slow down.

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