Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's Fall, Y'all!

I love fall. The sights, the smells, the crisp cool air. We went apple picking last week, and while it was great fun, I knew something was just off. I couldn't get into the baking mood because it was just too dang warm! Well, Thursday was our first cool day, and I am ready to cook some awesome apple treats this week!

Kelly was up and ready to head to Farmfest with the boys bright and early. I love that they can share in a beautiful fall day in the outdoors, climbing on tractors and whatever else they decide to do. Chloe, Caleb and I went to, but we had Class Act rehearsals. I am glad we got to enjoy the day outdoors, as well, just not for as long.



I think Cadie is going to love fall, too! She loves being outside, and getting the big kids to take her to the swing is a big treat. I am so excited to spend more days at the park this fall and watch her explore and gain new skills. This is even more amusing when she has her own cheer squad for every new achievement! This girl will NEVER lack confidence.

We have several field trips planned for the next few weeks, and they are all outdoors - YAY! Yesterday kicked off our round of trips. We went to The Springfield Conservation Nature Center for their "Just Like Lewis and Clark" event. There was so much to see and do! We visited with a "soujourner" who acted like he'd traveled with the adventurers and learned about the predators they encountered on the journey. We saw all kinds of plants and animals they came across for the very first time. The kids got to make nature journals, get out on the trail, and draw what they observed. They petted snakes and bunnies; they watched demonstrations on the golden eagle and the great horned owl. They painted on buffalo hides and practiced mapping skills. It was a great day filled with fun and learning.

It's going to be a busy fall between schoolwork, field trips, and popcorn sales. I hope to make some great memories with the kids through it all. How will you be spending the first few weeks of fall in your area?

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