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A TOS Review: FishFlix Review no 2

In today's world, we have so many choices on how to spend our time and money - especially when it comes to entertainment. Going to the movies or renting a video is a common family activity. But how often do you feel like your money was wasted or your time could have been better spent? And how often do you feel like you should have set a better example for your kids in the movie choices you make for your family? I know I have had that dilemma many times, and sometimes I think I'm ready to swear off Hollywood and the movie industry completely. Then recently, I had the opportunity to do a review for, Christian movies to inspire and entertain. I was happy to get to watch the DVD When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family with my kids.

FishFlix is striving to give families a wide range of entertainment possibilities that are appropriate and enjoyable for all ages. They believe the media industry is a gift from God that should be used as a way to spread His word. With this goal in mind, they have chosen to compile the best and highest quality movies and TV series that honor Christ. Review no 2

When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family is the adapted rendition of the popular series from famed author, Jeanette Oke. The story focuses on wealthy young schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher who breaks from tradition and heads west to follow her dream of making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Along the way, she makes new friendships, learns much about herself, and grows in her relationship with God. 

In this movie (one of many in the Hallmark series), Elizabeth has just returned to Coal Valley from spending time with her family back east. She immediately volunteers to care for a neighbor's children while he travels out of town, only to be surprised at the difficult and abundant way of life of this small, motherless family. Her friend and would-be suitor, as well as Canadian Mountie Jack, comes to her rescue and assists her with the outdoor chores. More storylines of the eclectic citizens of small town Coal Valley make this an entertaining and very family friendly movie.

I was familiar with the book series by Jeanette Oke, but it had been years since I had read them. I did not remember many of the characters or storylines, so I had to re-familiarize myself with Coal Valley. I think there were many changes and adaptations to make the movie series work, but I still enjoyed it very much. I also didn't realize how far into the series I was when we watched this. I believe this was probably the 10th installment of the Hallmark series, so I would love to watch the others and see what I missed. 

While I was a little lost due to coming into the series so far in, I liked the movie immensely. All of the kids really enjoyed the movie as well, and they loved the "city girl gone country" storyline. We look forward to watching more of this series in the future. 

FishFlix prides itself on providing quality, Christian family entertainment, including today's top new releases in Christian film. I plan on looking through their inventory this holiday season and making some gift purchases. This DVD was only $9.97, half off the retail price. Movies from the first season are only $5 - I suggest you look here for your Christmas list, as well!

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