Thursday, October 30, 2014

"It's just a haircut, babe. It's not a big deal. His hair is so long...just do it, or I will!" These are the comments from the hubby lately, regarding the baby boy's beautiful locks. It was the last comment that got me moving. Kelly doesn't give haircuts - he butchers my boys!! I wasn't going to let that happen, so I called our friend, Trin. Okay, it was getting a teensy bit too long...Chloe actually put it in a ponytail on Monday! But his beautiful blonde locks are just so precious...I didn't want to do it!

Yet another moment in the last four weeks when I REALLY miss having my phone. I don't have any before and after pics of my baby's haircut! :(

Trin did a great job. He looks very handsome. And not much like a baby now. It's just's just, not really. It's the reality that he's not going to be a baby for much longer. I know when Cadie gets here, I'm going to look at Cas and just be amazed that he's a full blown toddler. How do I know this?? Because it's happened every. Single. Time. The joy of having a new baby in the house brings the bittersweet knowledge that my other babies are growing all too fast. It's a reminder to cherish every stage of their growth, because it's slipping by quicker than I could ever have imagined.

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