Monday, November 3, 2014

Fellow Blogger Spotlight

Have you met my friend, Adrienne? Well, if not, you are truly missing out. This amazing lady is such a blessing to me. She is a few years younger than me, has a few more kids than me, and balances her family, homeschool and at-home business WAAAYYYY better than I could ever imagine doing! Her children are sweet, well-mannered, and oh, so hilarious! From sweet spirited Liberty, to angel baby Ellie, this family has my heart. There is not much I wouldn't do for this precious friend, but she never asks for a thing! If you have a few spare minutes, go check out her blog, A Big Little Family. Here is the link. Adrienne has such a way with words. Her dry sense of humor constantly has me in stitches! Her husband is a fantastic photographer, always catching the most beautiful moments of his family's life. And Adrienne's simple actions of living out her faith will inspire you when you most need it. So go check out my friend and follow this uplifting blogger. I'm sure she'd appreciate the traffic! ;)

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