Thursday, January 19, 2012

TOS Review: We Choose Virtues


We Choose Virtues is a family based company created by Heather McMillan that emphasizes character training in a lighthearted manner. Your children are introduced to a new character with each virtue, and they will have a chance to learn a catch phrase to help them remember the character trait. We Choose Virtues has many products that will enrich character training in your home or classroom setting.

Some people believe that homeschoolers should have perfect manners and behavior. But my kids are not perfect - they are children who are being trained up in a godly manner...but they are still kids. One moment they are best friends and playing harmoniously, the next moment I'm wondering where my children have gone and who let these monsters in! Teaching them virtues such as Patience, Obedience, and Perseverance are not just a short lesson I can teach and then move on from. They are life-long characteristics that have to be instilled and worked on every day. They are virtues that will make them better citizens, finer family members, and more trustworthy adults. These virtues will carry them through life's hard lessons, and hopefully with a content and joyful outlook on life.

I was sent the Virtue Clue Cards ($5.99) to review.


The Virtue Clue Cards have no lesson plan. There are no instructions. They are meant to be helping tools for you and your family in the area of developing Virtues. Here is how we are using the cards. Every day, we pick out 3 cards and set them on the kitchen table. We talk through the catchphrase, discuss the antonyms (what this virtue would NOT look like) and learn the Character's name. When we see someone exemplifying that virtue throughout the day, we praise them and call them out: "That's great, you are really being like Kettle Gretel (Kindness)!" If they show poor behavior, I'll say, "Oh, Kettle Gretel wouldn't act like that. Are you showing kindness right now?" It is a quick and easy reminder, and it's great that they can call each other on good and bad behavior - without resorting to tattling on each other (a big problem in our home at times).

We were also sent a list of bible verses that the kids could use to remind them of how God wants us to have these virtues in order to honor Him. That is always so important to me. The main reason we homeschool is for us to be the godly influences He has called us to be, and that the children learn to live their lives to glorify our Savior. Unfortunately, we often lose our focus and get off track from the goal. This is why these simple cards are such a blessing. It is a little reminder for me to keep the main thing the main thing.

We Choose Virtues has an entire array of products that will assist you in your home or classroom in instilling good character into your children/students. This is not just for homeschoolers. Every adult in authority has a golden opportunity to mold a child's character. These tools would be a great way to do it.

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**Disclaimer: I received this product via TOS Homeschool Crew in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review; all opinions stated are mine or my children's.

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  1. I didn't receive this product, but thought it looked neat. It appears to be a very simple thing to implement into our busy days.