Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How much is too much?

I constantly ask myself this question. What activities are we in? What should we add? Do we have to do everything? Is it time to let go of some activities? I've looked at my calendar this last month and realized we have had activities scheduled nearly every day, including weekends, for over a month. Our schedule is just getting too overloaded, and it's time to do some pruning. Pray for me as I try to make the right cuts. Sometimes as a homeschooling parent, I get caught up in providing opportunities for my kids since they "miss out" on activities that are standard for public school students. However, a book I am reading right now (review to come soon!) is reminding me of the main purpose to homeschooling: building godly character and loving, wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ.

So what are your boundaries? Do you have any standard you stick to in order to stay balanced?


  1. I so sympathize with you! I constantly have to remind myself that my only job in life is to get my children to Heaven! Thanks for the post.

  2. Our family has decided that one weekly, recurring activity is enough for us. It has been really difficult to stick with this when I have heard about my friend's child that is doing something that sounds amazing or a new activity that would be "just perfect." However, I have found, that when we are running from place to place no one is really enjoying anything.

  3. I can totally relate! This fall we have had soccer five times a week, cub scouts, youth group, art classes, science classes... it is never ending! As a result, I am overwhelmed, the kids are tired, the house is a mess, and we rarely sit down to eat dinner together.

    I am excited to read the book you are reviewing. Maybe it can help me as well!

  4. Hi Ammy,

    I know what you mean. We go through this every year. I begin jumping on every great opportunity that comes along and then realize not only are we worn out, but we aren't focussing on the schooling part of home schooling enough. Then, the pruning begins and we find a happy medium. :-) We've been pruning for a while now and are finally to the point where we have some breathing room.

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  5. I don't have any insights for you on this topic, we haven't been able to do very many outside activities at all due to other circumstances.

    My children have piano lessons once a week and we do activities at the library. Sometimes I wish there was something else for them to be involved in.

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  6. I know what you mean. Life feels crazy busy for us right now. I've had to scale back this past month. I'm now following you from the crew. Please follow me too :)

  7. We scaled back a lot this year even before WholeHearted. Now, with only two classes outside the home, I want to cut back even more. I love how you put it - pruning. We have taekwondo twice weekly (can't cut that back - too far invested now!) PE (pruning that next semester, I think!) We make a trip to the library on shopping day and then we have church. Our church is family integrated so not a whole lot of activities outside regular service and small group.

  8. We are one family that is going all the time - Monday is Christian Worship Dance for my oldest, Tuesday is ballet for my 2nd and karate for my 3rd, Wednesday is AWANA, and Thursday is karate. We choose not to join a co-op this year as that would me we'd be gone every other Friday or every Monday depending. Thankfully everything we're in is Christian based including our martial arts studio. I don't mind it as it's only an hour each time so it's not bad but the girls wanted to try to squeeze in soccer and my oldest wants to fit in drama. I think since we're not invested in those yet and there is not time to squeeze in soccer so it's a given that that isn't happening LOL We also tried out and made it for the local Nutcracker production but after much discussion about parts not being fairly passed out, the fact we'd be gone Friday through Sunday and then all week the week before performances we decided it wasn't worth it. So in a way I guess we are "pruning"

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  9. I try to keep outside activities to a minimum too. Homeschooling 10 kids (4 are grandkids and I don't control their outside school activities). I will try to let one activity in per season. Sometimes that might include all the kids, sometimes it is one or a few of them. But to put each one in a different activity, I'd have to be admitted to some asylum I'm sure. Right now, my 4 oldest have youth group once a month and occasionally the 11 year old gets to join them in an activity. The youngest has been in soccer the past couple of seasons but we decided to forego that this fall. Right now, that is enough. I have lunch with my sister once a month and I have to take my parents to my dad's Dr appts once a month. So there is one thing every week for now...that's enough :)

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  10. Hey :)

    I can so relate to this. We've had a pretty stressful time the last few months. I've cut back from sporting activities (trampoline), piano and our co-op group for one term. It was the best thing I could do for my family.

    All the best in deciding what 'good' will look like for your precious family.


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  11. This post is such a good reminder. I recently had to scale back on my daughter's activities and it has been the biggest blessing!

  12. Oh, Ammy, I totally agree with pruning. This fall has been so chaotic! Monday: Delanie soccer practice, Tuesday Delanie youth at 4-6, Dalton soccer practice at 5, Dyami youth 6-8, Wednesday: Delanie soccer practice 5, Dyami boyscouts 6:30, Delanie babysit for praise team rehearsal at 7, Thursday: Delanie has middle school bible study at 3:30, Dalton soccer practice at 5 Friday: Delanie art club 4-5:30, Homegroup Bible study for Rob and I at 7, Saturday: soccer games, typically at different places, Sunday, church... Soccer will be done this coming week and we will be deciding what needs to be eliminated after that, if anything. Maybe just eliminating soccer will make the difference! We'll see. Love you! ~April

  13. Hey girl! James 1:5 - God WILL give you wisdom!

    I awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out and join in on the fun if you have time!

  14. We have been pruned for quite some time and are actually branching. We're doing it through 4-H, so with one yearly fee, we can cover lots of bases.
    I enjoyed this post. I am a new follower.