Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just trying to keep up...

...but it's not all bad! This is the reason I decided to start a little early this year, so I didn't feel pressure to keep to the schedule. We are easing into the year, which I'm so happy about, and it's been a real blessing - especially with changes of plans unexpectedly cropping up the last two weeks.

Chloe, Caleb and I were planning a trip to Ohio to see family. My sister and niece were going to go as well. We were planning on leaving Thursday night, but on Wednesday I found out I was going it alone. <:O I've never travelled more than 250 miles alone, and this was a little scary for me. But I couldn't bear the thought of cancelling the trip. I haven't seen my cousin (who is closer than a sister) for over a year and a half. Her husband is military and they've been in Germany. I WAS GOING TO OHIO!! After a little encouragement from Kelly, we decided to leave early Thursday morning. He wasn't comfortable with me driving overnight, and I couldn't have agreed more!

It was a wonderful trip. We had a lovely visit, and the kids travelled well. I made it to Defiance in under 12 hours, and I made it home on Sunday in 11. I'm so thankful we had this time together.

Anyway, I was a little exhausted from all the driving, so we decided to call off school Monday. The kids did some independent computer work and reading, but I mostly vegged. Not only that, but since we left early, we lost two days last week. So the breakdown of weeks 2 and 3 of school looks a little crazy:
Week 2
Monday - Neosho to grandparents and a drive through Joplin to see tornado damage
Tuesday - school
Wednesday - school
Thursday - OHIO
Friday - OHIO

Week 3
Monday - Mom is pooped - do your own thang!
Tuesday - full gear, let's do school!
Wednesday - school...with a twist

Oh! Did I forget to mention we lost power for 3 hours today? So any subject online was shot, and it got up to 87 degrees in our house. Needless to say, I lost my momentum! But regardless of all the busy-ness and setbacks, I feel like we've done quite a bit this school year already. This is one of the many reasons I love our homeschool journey. No two weeks look the same, and we are learning about and experiencing life...all together. We will start week 3 of our Core tomorrow, and I'm thrilled to say we'll get what we need to get done, done. And the rest will come.

So how has your week gone? ;)


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  3. Hello from another Crew member:) We just got home from a trip to OH. We spent most of our time in the Sandusky area, although I grew up in the Cincinnati suburbs and love OH. Glad you had a good trip!
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