Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Technology, Schmechnology!!

Okay, so I love it when irony is combined with comedy. You know, like when a mother of a teenager is complaining about the child's driving skills and immediately rear ends someone! Or when somebody says she is irritated with her phone and wishes it would break so she could get a new one - and then someone steps on it!! (Both happened this week, by the way, but I won't tell on Dakotah's mommy! :D) The latter event happened to me.
I was lucky to have two people offer me phones so I wouldn't have to buy a brand new one - granted, Ariel wanted to SELL me hers, not give it to her in-need little sister! But, lo and behold, when I went to Radio Shack today, I was eligible for a free phone with a new contract! Since I have no intention of leaving my server, I figured, "What the hey!" and got a new Palm Centro! I was so excited. It has a keyboard and all sorts of neat little do-hickeys that I don't even know how to work! Fun Fun!!
Then I got it home and realized, this thing has SO MANY do-hickeys that I don't even know how to work! Not so fun fun anymore...
DO you know what a phone is for anymore?? Well, apparantly everything except scrubbing your toilet! I can get email, IMs, personal date calendar, Facebook, Media Player, Google, Telenav, etcetera, etcetera; I don't even know how to find my address book at this point!!
I truly thought about handing it to Connor and telling him to program, but then I'd just be more aggravated with myself when he actually COULD do it. So I figured I'd suffer in silence for a few more days until somebody OF AGE takes pity on me and does it for me. HINT HINT!! :)

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  1. Well I'd love to, be able to help you but seeing that I am older than you are I'm helpless. Bring it over to Kimberly. Maybe she could help you out :0 April rear ended someone? :o) I am never told anything!!! Was everybody allright? love to the family......technolgy impaired!