Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I can't believe my baby girl is going to be 6 years old in just a few hours. Where does the time go? It breaks my heart in some ways, but I also am so very proud of that child that it makes my head spin. She is intelligent, funny and talented. She is also kind, inquisitive and full of love. Every day is a new adventure to her, and it is such a priviledge to watch her explore and learn about the world around her. I am saddened when I think about how quickly she had to grow up and share me with Canon. She only got to be a baby for 14 months (and 5 of those she was colicky and unbearable!), and that time is hardly even a blip on my radar because I was just trying to survive through that season... I am ever so thankful that God doesn't let children remember those chaotic months of infancy! ;D She is looking forward to her lunch with the family and her sleepover and swim party with friends. I hope it is a memorable day for her - she deserves it!

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