Monday, August 17, 2015

First day of FACTS 2015 - 16 school year in the books. We will call it a success...yeah, we'll do that...hey, we finished, and everyone is breathing, so SUCCESS I say!!!

Connor and Chloe seemed to have a grasp on everything pretty quickly. They are both working mostly independently this school year, with frequent checkins with Mom. Of course, their workload is pretty light since co op doesn't start for 2 weeks, but they seemed to enjoy easing into the school year.

Caleb and Canon, of course, had a few more bumps. When you integrate a 2nd and 6th grader into the same subjects, you can't expect them to work at the same pace. Plus, Mom had to stop and take care of the babies repeatedly, so Caleb would see it as an "opportunity to learn creatively"  - that is, sneak off to play trains or Lego for a few minutes. Grr...

Kelly started his school year today, as well. This house is going to be on a weird schedule for the next year, but with God...we will make it.

Now time to head out for Scouts and ice cream. Praise the Lord for ice cream!!

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