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A TOS Review: Heirloom Audio Productions, With Lee in Virginia

A struggle within a nation. Brother against brother. Boys becoming men too soon. Mothers in fear, every night in prayer. The power of this story will overwhelm you. Heirloom Audio Productions delivers an emotional look at one of the most difficult times in our country's history: With Lee in Virginia.

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
Reading aloud is something we have always enjoyed as a family. It is an opportunity to slow down, take a moment and learn together. An audio book is a great respite for this mama, who often tires of reading in the car on trips, and I can just sit back and enjoy with the rest of them. We have listened to many audio books over the years, but Heirloom Audio Productions brings stories to life in a much deeper way. It is an experience in sound and drama. Not just a voice reading to you, but actors portraying characters, background music, and sound effects. It is basically a movie without the picture. It truly draws you into the action.

With Lee in Virginia takes us back to the spring of 1861, the very week the Civil War begins. We meet Vincent Wingfield, a 15-year-old plantation heir from Virginia. He enlists with the calvary of the Army of Northern Virginia, and he is soon making a name for himself in battles you may recall reading about in your high school history books. Because of the speed of his horse and his eagerness to serve, he moves through the ranks quickly - even despite injury - and is put in the company of the most famous military names in the Confederacy, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee.

Vincent is a slave owner, but he is a compassionate young man who is personally involved with his slaves' lives. His personal servant Dan is devoted to him, as Vincent is to him as well. He is both admired and hated by fellow southerners because of his ideals, but he is not swayed by man's opinions. He is adamant in his faith, and confident in his Heavenly Father.

Like many soldiers who are wounded, he has moments of struggle with his identity, but he only becomes stronger for it and continues to lead his regiment in prayer and battle. For such a young man to lead and be respected by these great men was so enlightening to me.

The faith of the men was revealed throughout the story, something you don't get in today's history books. I enjoyed the perspective of the story, the narration, and of course, the action. It was so wonderfully told, with some of the finest Christian actors of our time taking on major roles. I can only imagine that this will give your children a greater interest in the war that shaped our nation, and give you a new perspective on the men who fought and died so bravely.

But the learning won't stop there! Heirloom Audio has produced an amazing study guide that is 30 pages chock full of study questions, history lessons, and bible themed discussions as well. This could be a full unit study, and you can download the mp3 soundtrack to listen to the score from the production while working together with your family.

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With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review

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