Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Whew! The last five days have been nothing but hustle and bustle, and this mama is about to drop! Wednesday, Connor and I headed to his appointment in Mt. Vernon. An hour and a half later, my boy came out with braces - wow, what a difference they make! I'm so excited to see the outcome, but it's at least 14 months away.

We got home in time for me to make lunch and rush back out the door for my appointment. Cadie is growing well. I am 33 weeks, and we are both doing great. I am a little sore, and a LOT tired, but with the schedule I've been keeping, it's expected.

Then Wednesday night, I left the boys at home while Chloe and I went to church for the final practice of "Who Stole Christmas". Our music minister, Mark Mathes, is so great. His talent and gifts are unsurpassed, and he uses them all for God's glory. This play was seen by a few thousand people over the weekend, and I am so pleased with how the Gospel was presented to them.

And Thursday finally brought the day, the day Chloe had been waiting for all semester. It was time for Willy Wonka, Jr. to take the stage. We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the theater. One final dress rehearsal and 5 performances - wow, it was a big weekend! But so much fun. Chloe comes alive on the stage. She truly is a natural, and I'm so thankful she can be a part of Class Act because they do all they do in a God-honoring way.

Chloe rode with friends to the after party. I rushed home with pizza for Kelly and the boys, picked up Connor and Canon, dropped Connor off at the after party, and drove Canon to Incredible Pizza for his big night. The cub scouts that sold over $700 in popcorn sales was rewarded with a lock-in at Incredible Pizza. He was so excited, and he had a great time. I had to pick him up Sunday morning at 6am.

So Sunday was a different day than most. I didn't get into bed till 1:30, got up at 5 to go pick up Canon, and went back to bed until 11. So no church for the Quinns. :/ We had a nice, quiet day at home, and we all needed the rest. We even took naps, even after sleeping so long! That evening, Chloe, Caleb and I went to Crossway for Who Stole Christmas. I was supposed to be in the choir, but wasn't feeling quite right. We really enjoyed the show, everyone did a great job.

By the time I was headed to bed Sunday night, I knew I was coming down with something. Between all the hustle and bustle, it was no surprise to wake up with the absolute worst head and chest cold I've had in years. So Monday was a very unproductive day for me...hoping it passes quickly, but today isn't looking too great either. I guess I shouldn't complain, I really needed the reason to rest. And I was blessed that Kelly had the day off. He helped with the kids, and he even cooked dinner. I'm tired and still worn out, but so very thankful for the family I have and the memories we made this past week. :)

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