Sunday, April 28, 2013

REVIEW: Time 4 Learning

We have had the pleasure of reviewing the website Time 4 Learning for the past four weeks. I don't know about you, but this time of year, right before our homeschool convention, is the hardest time for me to stay motivated. Well, this year has been no different! between the baby being born and our schedule going to the hot place in a handbasket, and me realizing that I'm going to have a jr. high school student in just a few short months (GASP! How did THAT happen?!?), I have been woefully off track and unmotivated. So this review falling into my inbox was as perfect timing as you can get! :)

The kids needed something new and exciting. I needed a break. The kids needed a rich learning environment that was educational, yet entertaining...I needed a break! We definitely were not disappointed. The lessons were very age appropriate. The interactive parts of the site were fun. The information that they learned war presented in many ways that kept the kids engaged and interested. Mama was happy. Here are just a few benefits T4L offers:

Canon liked all the graphics and sound effects in the social studies/history lessons. He enjoyed the language arts lessons as well. "Two thumbs up!" says the third grader.

Chloe liked the fact that she could go to the LA Extensions categories and choose to take the test first. After scoring the test and going back to that page, it eliminated all the lessons that she showed mastery in on the test - so fewer lessons to go through before the retake. "LOVE it!" Says my oh-so-understated girl!

Here is a picture of the math homescreen. There are different backgrounds, but the arrangement of the icons are much the same for all grades.

Connor liked the change of pace as much as the other two. In fact, having these lessons online has helped us decide to do a few subjects next school year online. He is really looking forward to it, and I am excited to see him becoming more independent.

Caleb didn't use it much, but he did enjoy what we played. He said it was "way more funner" than a certain site he had used a few months whose name contains those things that chickens lay...

As a mom, I have to say I just loved the parent pages. There were places for me to observe how many lessons each child had completed, how they had done on those lessons, a place for me to create lesson plans for the week or the entire school year, and much more. I loved the idea of planning out their lessons and having the records kept for me all in one place. What a relief and a time saver!

Time 4 Learning is a great website. I can see it working as a complete curriculum or a great supplement for many families. The monthly rate is $19.95 for the first child, and $14.95 for the following children. In April, they are even running the special of $9.98 per child for your first month! However, with the monthly rate for four children adding up quickly, I'm not sure it would be budget friendly for our family. In the long run, I would definitely recommend giving Time 4 Learning a shot. With the April special going away in just a few days, this is the time to try it out!

**I was given a free month trial to T4L for an unbiased review. The opinions stated above are my own, or my children's.

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