Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah, rasberries. The sweet, sweet rasberry. Our place is covered in them! We love them as well as blackberries, and spent many days in June walking in the woods and through the fencerows picking them. Question for those berry conoisseurs out there - HOW can you spend two hours picking these luscious gems and only have half a gallon to show for it??

Actually, I had a lot to show for it...a couple dozen mosquito bites, numerous chigger bites, a few wandering ticks, some nasty thorn scratches and one pretty impressive sunburn. And that's just me, not Kelly and the kiddos! :) We learned and were more prepared in the following ventures!

After a week of picking, I think we ended up with 8 gallons between us and the grandparents. We left the rest for the ravenous birds and beasts of our woods. Many tasty treats have been enjoyed due to our picking.

But it wasn't just about the picking. We spent time together, outside in the sweltering heat covered in flannel and denim from our heads to our toes for days! Sound awful? Ironically, it has been one of my favorite memories so far this summer.

But it's all good. We have had some amazing desserts this summer, and I am actually sad that the blackberries didn't make this month - I'm down to one gallon of rasberries!!

So how have you spent your summer days?

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  1. If your kids are like mine, they eat two for every one they pick. :-) Sounds yummy! Yay for blackberries too!