Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christian Concerts - Not for the Faint of Heart (AKA - Connor's more like his dad than his mom!)

So Springfield has really moved up in the Christian music scene. I remember a few years ago that it was like pulling teeth to get quality Christian rock groups to visit our neck of the woods. Now here we are barely into April, and there have been at least 3 major concerts this year. Some of my favorite singers and groups have been here, and I've been wanting to go to all of them. Sadly, I am married to a wonderful man who just happens to hate crowds, loud music, crowds, flashing lights, crowds, and...oh, yes, crowds.

My friends are so sympathetic, too. They text me from the concerts. They post pics from the concerts and tag me in them. "Wish you were HERE - we are!" They talk about the concerts when we're all together: "Yeah, remember when Chris Tomlin sang this live? Oh, yeah, YOU didn't come!" Yes, people, these are my friends. I'm so blessed. ;)

So finally I get my chance. Winter Jam was in town last night. Newsong, Jason Castro, Red, Kutless, Francesca Batistelli, and Newboys - I know I'm missing a few. The kids have been really wanting to attend a concert because all our friends have taken their kids to some this year. They've been hearing about how great they were, and couldn't wait to go to their first concert. Kelly was willing to keep the two little ones, so I decided to take Connor and Chloe...finally, 2 somebody's to share this fun with! Well, that's what I hoped for, at least...

We got in line about 3:30. The concert started at 6, and the doors were scheduled to open at 5. The kids did good with waiting, there were plenty of things to distract them. We got great seats, and we headed to get snacks. WOWZA!! I knew I'd been couponing for a reason - this must have been it. Twenty dollars later, we had a pretzel, some popcorn, a big drink to share, and 2 kids that wanted light up sunglasses. Sorry, kids, this bank is closed!

We were ready to hear some great bands, and I was so excited to share this with them. Unfortunately, the great seats afforded us some extreme decibal levels, which the kids were not prepared for. Connor was stressing before the first band was through. I'll remember cotton balls next time...if there is a next time. Chloe was enjoying it, though. She was standing in her seat dancing and screaming...when she fell and hit her knee. She cried for the first set. Connor wanted to play Angry Birds on my phone. REALLY?!? This is what I'd been waiting for???

We did have a good time, and I am glad we went. Connor really enjoyed the fire effects, and Chloe loved the confetti cannons. We got to see Jason Castro from American Idol, one of Chloe's favorites from a couple seasons ago. We sang our hearts out for Jesus with some of our favorite songs. I just didn't prepare them for the noise level very well, and I should have warned Chloe that even groupies have to be safe and not stand on the folding chairs! It was a little overwhelming.

We got home and Kelly asked how it was. Connor's first words were some that I rarely hear, luckily: "Dad, you were right! It was so loud!" He just smiled at me and said, "I told you so!" More words that I hate to hear! But Chloe gushed enough for the both of them and said she couldn't wait to do it again. However, I think it will be a while before we share this experience again. :)

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