Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan studies

Our curriculum focuses on Japan this week and next. The timing has been invaluable, given the events of the last few weeks. It's given us new insight and opportunities to put the humanity into these studies. It's one thing to learn about the culture, but sometimes I don't think the kids make the connection between the land and the people. We've prayed for many people groups this school year, but I've truly heard their hearts in the prayers for the Japanese. They've seen images and heard stories that won't be erased from their minds.

In our lesson from Window on the World this week, we learned how difficult it is for the Japanese to come to Christ because their culture is so important to them. Some look at following Jesus as betraying their ancestry. We've talked about how important it is for those ministering to the people who have suffered through the earthquake and tsunami to really be the hands and feet of Jesus. That taking care of the physical needs of the people may open the door to show them how Jesus can meet all their needs.

We've worked on some traditional artwork this week, as well. The kids have been introduced to origami, writing haikus, and sushi rolling. We've looked at some great books that have shown us a lot about the similarities and differences between our cultures. It's been a really great experience. I'm looking forward to next week as well.

I had the kids take some time outside today and think about what they'd like to write their haikus about. They came in with their notes, and I showed them the 5-7-5 layout of the haiku. Here is what they came up with - I'll try to scan their drawings in later!

The stump marks the spot,
covered in moss to protect;
it's hidden and safe.

Two yellow flowers
dancing like no tomorrow -
dancing in the wind.

My bunker is safe.
It looks like a skeleton.
It's fun and roomy.

Don't you just love their little minds? I'm hoping they enjoyed this enough to give it a try again next week!
So what did your family work on this week?


  1. Love the Haiku's!!! Wow, you three. You all did amazing jobs on them! Love all of you and Caleb, too!! :o)

  2. I am following you from over at Christian mommy bloggers. I was wondering how much did you share on what's been happening in japan with the little ones? I have been unsure of how much to share with them. Great blog you can check out mine and follow me back at Thanks

  3. I've got a 9, 7, 6 and 3 year olds. We've watched a little of the national news, especially the first few days. We've watched the wave coming throught the city streets, the cars and debris piled up all over, and things like that. We've even caught a few inspiring rescue and reuniting stories. I've been pretty open with them, but I do make sure we don't overwhelm them. And I've refused to watch the stuff going on about the nuclear plants because I don't want to alarm them. Basically enough to keep them informed.

  4. Wonderful study! There is so much cool stuff to study on Japan and the art/craft projects are so much fun. My dd15 does Japanese as her foreign language. Love the Haiku! :)