Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little Mishap...

Why is it that you think you've taught your children proper behavior and safety tips, and then you realize they either didn't learn it or you didn't really teach it??

Canon decided to put scissors in his mouth tonight at church and cut his lip open. EEWWW!!! I don't do well with blood, and when they brought him to me there was a LOT of blood! I had to sit down and set him on my lap so I wouldn't retch. I was still nauseous, but better so I could hold him and the...bloody napkin. Ick, I don't even like to type about it!! :(

I know we have talked about it before, but sometimes you just assume they know things that maybe they don't. Some of the kids were coming up to see what happened. The older kids were asking him why he'd do that, saying "That wasn't very smart!"

Canon looked at me and said, "I'm smart, Mommy. I just don't always make smart choices." :O Think maybe he's heard that somewhere before?! LOL!!

Anyway, my dear friend Dr. Jason was there and checked him out. All was well, just said to apply pressure - no stitches needed, yay! The man is a lifesaver, don't know what I'd do without him! So after the color came back in my face and the bleeding had slowed down, I packed my kids up and headed home.

Just a little tip: tomorrow, just in case you've forgotten to do it, remind your kids not to chew on scissors - even safety scissors!!! :D


  1. oh my! I missed this when you posted it originally! I'm glad he's okay. And thanks for the safety tip reminder:)