Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Days

Oh, I just love summer. I love to swim. I love to sail. I love to play in the sprinkler. I also love to read a book in my air conditioned home on 95 degree days - who's with me?!?

We have had a great summer. Nothing huge since the South Dakota trip; Chloe's birthday and sleepover, yard sale with mom and my sisters, swimming lessons, VBS and a weekend of camping and sailing for the 4th of July. But it's been a great summer.

We decided to trim down on extras this summer, and just veg. I love that word - veg. Actually, I don't think it's really a word. It definitely doesn't look like a complete word, but oh, well, I love to say it anyway. (And I'm usually a stickler for correct grammar! :P) We've done the summer reading program through our local library. The kids get these great rewards like free corn dogs from Sonic, a free book from CPO, and other awesome deals. It's the simple things they are appreciating this summer, and I'm learning right along with them that simple is good. I'm almost dreading the end of summer when we get into the usual rigamarole of school, co-op, sports and what all else I have the insane desire to cram into our calendar. Kelly is always telling me to cut something out, but am I the only one out there who is afraid of depriving my kids of any and every opportunity available to them?? I will be honest when I say that I feel like I'm under a microscope sometimes; that people who "love" me are inspecting and dissecting everything Kelly and I do for our kids. I don't regret our decision to have me stay at home with the kids and to homeschool them. But I do want to show people that we are why do I sometimes feel like I need someone to throw me a life preserver?

I've been a follower of Jesus since I was very young. He's my comfort, my Rock, my Savior. The lover of my soul, my Living Water. I know He is the only one I need to please. I need to remember these lazy days of summer in a couple of months and remember that it is for HIS glory that I do what I do. It is for HIS approval why I live how I live. And it is for HIS reward that I am working, not this world's.

I haven't decided when we'll start on school this fall. We are already having co-op meetings, and they are getting me excited about the year ahead. But I still have a lot of summer to share with my kiddos, and I intend to soak it up! Do the same with your family. Love!


  1. I'd hate to think anyone in the family was judging you and Kelly and if they are the shame would be on them. Your doing a wonderful job of teaching and raising them so don't feel like your under a microscope. At least not mine!!!!! Love you!!

  2. just so you know, ammy....I'M WATCHING YOU!!! ;) and you're doing amazing. love ya.