Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Canon Andrew's "Birth"day

I had to run into the Dollar General tonight, and when I got back, my baby's world had totally changed. Ever have a moment like that? You turn around and something totally life altering has occurred under your very nose? Well that's what happened tonight with Canon.

I got back in the truck and Connor said, "Mom, Canon just asked Jesus into his heart."

So calmly. Just like that. As if he said, "Mom, Canon would like a drink of water."

I just turned around and looked at all of them. They all had big, goofy grins on their little faces. I stared blankly for a second and then said the most articulate thing I could think of:


"Yep," Connor proudly said. "I helped him. But, I'm not sure if I did it all right, so you may want to do it with him again - you know, just in case I missed something."
Missed something??? Hmmm, like waiting for Mommy to return from her 2 minute run into the store?? Something like that?? :D
I told Canon to come up and talk to me for a second. I asked what brought this about. He said, "I thought it was a good day to do it."
Well, how do you argue with that logic? Like I even wanted to, really. He's been asking so many questions lately of Kelly and me. Every time he's done asking questions, we've asked him if he wants to ask Jesus into his heart. And every time, he has said "Not today. But someday I will."
Connor may have missed a few points, but he did a pretty darn good job leading his baby brother in his prayer. Just to lay their minds at ease, however, we prayed again, together. Wow.
Have any of you had this experience? To lead your little ones to salvation? It's so amazing. And humbling. There are days when I feel like I'm totally messing this job of mine up. How could the Lord possibly entrust me with these awesome little kiddos? Other days when I think he's testing me beyond my bounds of sanity (J/K, kind of :D). Then there are days like this. A day that alters eternity for one little boy - MY little boy. And I was there to witness it, to take part in it. I can't imagine any moment being more precious. I am so very thankful to my God.
Isaiah 11:6

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  1. Wow Ammy what a special moment! Kimberly got saved at church camp but I got to share in the joy when she got home. There is nothing that brings you such peace in your heart as knowing that your child has got a relationship with God. You feel like out of everything you did the most important thing right and that is a awesome feeling. Wonderful! I'm so excited!