Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Balancing it all...

Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights (#s 2&3)

Sunday nights (#4 & me)

Sunday nights (#s 2&3)

Monday nights (#1)

Monday nights (#s 3&4)

Monday nights (#2)

Tuesdays (all of us)

Tuesdays (#1)

Wednesday nights (me)

Fridays (#s 2,3&4 and me)

Coming this spring, Saturdays and at least one night a week (#s 3&4)

Coming this spring, Tuesdays and Thursdays (#s 1-4)

And now, the kids have found a new passion that they are begging to add to our schedule since, you know, we don't do ANYTHING on Thursdays:

I know cloning isn't really legal...but this mama could really use the help of being duplicated right about now!!! Oh well, i guess I could go another taking applications for a personal assistant: must be organized, a hard worker, able to drive, be endlessly patient with little ones, able to cook and clean, and willing to work for praise - when I remember to do so. So...any takers?

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