Friday, December 18, 2015


One of our favorite holiday traditions is going to look at Christmas lights. The kids and I used to wear our jammies, take hot cocoa, and drive all over town. We would sing Christmas carols, visit and sip our cocoa. Last year, we took some of their friends, and they had recently asked if we were going to do it again. I was happy they wanted to join in, so we invited a few more friends to join us too!

So last Tuesday, we packed Olga to the brim and took Springfield by storm! It was such a blast!! The lights, the cocoa, the jokes, the singing (both good and not so good!) all made for a memorable night - and hopefully a new tradition of sharing one of our favorite things about the holidays with friends!

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  1. We did not see anything nearly as festive as you all did! We've been doing the same thing. Lights were one of my favorite parts of my holiday childhood memories and I'm delighted to share that joy with my children.