Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TOS Review: Apologia:Who is my Neighbor?


I love reading the Word with my kids. Teaching them the truths of scripture is one of the highest honors as a mother. While we have always had bible study and family bible time, sometimes we miss out on the application of what the scripture is telling us - how we are to use it in our lives, today. This bible study from Apologia, "Who is my Neighbor?" was a great alternative to what we usually do. Don't get me wrong - it is NOT a replacement to reading the bible. But it is a great accessory.


The curriculum is great for families with multiple ages, mainly for kids 6-14. They even sent a coloring book for the littler ones to keep them on track and busy while mommy or daddy is reading - great help! :)


Who is my Neighbor? uses stories to relate scripture to daily living. The stories are teaching the children - and reminding the parents - of what "salt and light" should look like in action in the world. It has given my kids a broader sense of the word neighbor. ALL God's children are our neighbors, and He can use any of us to bless others. It has been such a great time of study and discussion with the kids.

When I first got the book, I was a little concerned to see it was the third in a series called "What We Believe". But it really doesn't matter. Each book in the series focuses on a specific topic. And while, like the fruits of the spirit, they all relate to one another, the subjects are complete to stand and study alone. I do look forward to looking through the other books at some point, though...

If you are looking for a new approach or addition to your family devotion time, I highly recommend Apologia:Who is my Neighbor? It has blessed our family, and I'm sure it will bless yours as well.

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