Thursday, May 26, 2011

I don't even know how to title this post at the moment. My heart is so full of many emotions today, I can't even begin to tell you - but, as usual, I'll try! ;)

I'm so excited to leave for Disney World with my family and our best friends tomorrow. It's going to be 11 days of total excitement, fun, and yes, a lot of insanity! It will be a time to relax and enjoy each other away from life's stressors. It's been a very long, final semester of college for Kelly, and I'm so looking forward to uninterrupted time with my amazing family. I had to beg him to take us there last year, but he fully got caught up in the Disney magic and was so excited to go again this year. A pretty stellar graduation trip, right?

Meanwhile, I am also very saddened by the devastation left by the tornado in Joplin Sunday night. The images of grieving mothers, crying children, and a hospital meant for healing completely demolished are etched deeply into my soul. My grandparents live close by, and thank God, are ok. Kelly's aunt is a doctor in the area, and she is fine, too. I praise the Father for protecting my loved ones, but I have some dear friends who lost family members. There are the many nameless suffering in my mind as well, but Jesus knows each person and loves them all. My prayers will be with them for many months.

I got to help Evergreen students last night with preparing for their trek to Joplin to assist with relief efforts today. I'm so proud of these kids and their parents who support their passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One of my best friend's daughter was the key component in organizing this group. I love her like my own, and my heart just swelled with pride last night seeing her take charge and step up to lead. God's using her for His good in a mighty way.

I am happy that the school year is over, but heartbroken at the same time. Some of our dearest friends are moving away while we are in Florida and will not be with us for next school year.

The Cox's have become so precious to us. I'm thrilled for them that they get to buy this place in the country - it's a dream come true for them. But the thought of not seeing them regularly is killing me. Christy is such a support to me, and the boys - well, let's just say I've staked my claim on them, too! We've had an awesome school year taking field trips and play days together - memories that will last a lifetime. I am still holding out for arranged marriages to come back into our culture! LOL! God has truly blessed my family with them. I know it will take a little more effort, but I am certain that we will make the time to stay close.

The James' are leaving, too. I will miss Alicia and the girls so very much. She is my comic relief, my stress release, and my encourager in trying to lose weight and start running. She inspires me to be a better mom and a healthier woman. Kaylee is my sweet, sweet girl. She has a kindness in her that shows Jesus to everyone she meets, and I will miss seeing her excel in all she does. Connor and Chloe will miss their friend so much. Brylee is just such a ham! Canon will be a little sad without his buddy next school year, for certain. Amd we'll miss little Mollee, too. But the Lord has given us such a blessing through technology, and I am so thankful that we'll be able to keep in touch and watch each others children grow up, even across the many miles. And who knows? Chicago would be a great vacation spot in a year or two!

And then there is the newest adventure on the horizon for us. I am not prepared to go into detail at the moment, but could I just ask you all to pray for us? I believe God is going to use this summer to stretch Kelly and I in our faith and our commitment to serving Him in a way that I'm excited, but a little fearful, about. We have been through the spiritual fire over the last year and a half. and we have both felt the flames in different ways. I pray that the Father is ready to pull us out, shine us up, and put us to His use. I just hope that we will be worthy of His calling.

So, as you can see, my heart IS very full this morning. Excitement, joy, sadness, pride, apprehension. How can I hold so much in?? But always, the underlying emotion of love and thankfulness to my Father for holding me in His hand remains. Thanks for letting me unload, and I'll check back in after our trip. God bless and keep you all till then.

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