Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going All the Way With God

That was the sermon title Brother Eddie Bumpers gave tonight at Broadway. Boy, I thought he hit it out of the park this morning, but it was a whole new playing field tonight.
He preached out of the book of Exodus, when Moses was called back to Egypt by God and how Pharoah kept refusing. He made so many good points that made this totally amazing story that I've read dozens of times come alive in a new way and be so relevant to my walk today. Brother Eddie warned us to not fall into compromises in our faith journey, and called out 4 specific compromises the devil tries to get us to make. He also pointed out the order in which God pointed out to Moses the steps Israel was to take. They were to sacrifice, then serve, then celebrate. It was God breathed, and I'm so glad I got to hear it.
My heart is still so heavy with all that has gone on last year, but I'm trusting my Father to walk beside us as Kelly and I take our family down a new and unfamiliar path. I'm scared, yes, but more excited than anything. I shed more tears tonight, humbled by the very presence of the Lord and what He was impressing on my heart. I want to step up my game. I want to be a sold out follower of Christ. I want to lead a life full of joy and peace. I want that for my kids, my husband and myself. I know I've been ineffective through this trial for the cause of Christ. The Refiner's Fire has probably not seen such a stubborn piece of metal. :( But I'm praying for God to make me more malleable this year, to let the Holy Spirit bend me and shape me in the way the Lord needs me. It's so hard, but so necessary. And I know the pain is worth it all if it draws me closer to Jesus.
So will you join me in this prayer? Will you ask God to make you more submissive to the Holy Spirit's directing this year? Make you more malleable? The fire will only get hotter the more we refuse to bend. And the outcome is pure perfection when we let him mold us to His image. It's a work that only He can complete, and He'll work on us up to the very day He takes us home. But I know walking with Christ is the most abundant life we can have, and I want more of Him. I pray that you do, too.

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