Monday, June 7, 2010

Disney trip, part 2

Well, Stephanie pulled off the surprise proposal Monday night, and we were all headed to MK in the morning for a very fun-filled day. We met Rian and Heather at the bus stop. We decided to take the Epcot bus since the line was shorter and hop on the monorail to MK. Well, our time-saving trip backfired and ended up taking an hour to get there! :D Oh, well, it was an adventure!

We met up with the Daniels' in front of the castle, and away we went! So much to fit in for the one day that Heather and Rian were with us, but we managed to do a lot. Lots of rides, a couple shows, and a great lunch at Pinnochio's Village Haus. We headed back to Pop to get ready for dinner at the castle and to pick out a place to do the ceremony afterward.

Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table!! Oh, truly, this was the highlight of the trip! I can't begin to tell you how exciting it was for all of us. Going in, you have no idea what to expect. Will the food be any good? Will the boys be bored? Which princess will we meet? Well, all the questions were quickly put to rest, and we knew this would be a memory to last a lifetime for ALL of us. We met Cinderella downstairs and had professional pictures taken with her. Chloe was on cloud 9, to say the least! The boys were polite, but to be honest not overly excited. Caleb was a little shy, and Kelly tried to get him to talk to Cinderella. She smiled and flirted with him a bit, and he finally came around. He kissed her cheek before we walked away, and he told her she was pretty! It was so adorable. We met a wonderful castmember named Callie. She came over and visited with us and told us that Cinderella told her we had a very charming prince in our group. We thought it was funny and had Caleb tell her what he thought of Cinderella. Callie said he was VERY charming and said she had something special for him. When she came back, she gave him a sticker that said "Honorary Prince of the Day". She told us to make sure we took lots of pictures, because the princesses would be looking for him upstairs. We had no idea what lay in store for us!

When our names were finally called, we all went upstairs together. It was beautiful. The tables, the walls, the ceiling - it was just amazing. We were seated and given our menus, and the waitress then brought the girls wands and the boys swords! They were pretty excited about that, but I was a little nervous! They behaved pretty well, though, and didn't break anything. Whew!

Once we had ordered, the introductions of the princesses began. What a grand affair! The announcer gave a short summary of each princess' story, and then she arrived to greet all the guests. It was very well done. We were seated toward the back, so we knew we'd be some of the last tables visited - but that was fine with us. We really enjoyed watching all the little girls meeting their idols. Some got so excited and would just jump and squeal!

Aurora was the first to arrive at our table. My favorite, and the princess Chloe was dressed as. She was very sweet, as you could imagine. She really made over Chloe and their matching dresses, visited with the boys, and told them to watch out for dragons. Then she saw Caleb. She looked at me and asked, "Is he the prince I've been waiting for all night??" I smiled and said yes. She quickly went and sat down beside him, and visited with him for a while. He kissed her, and she kissed him, she hugged him, and she held his hand. It was so precious. Little did we know it would almost become a competition of sorts!

Snow White arrived next. She was the most in character, I felt. Her voice was wonderful! She and Chloe talked about their best friends, and Snow White told Chloe that she was sleeping over with Cinderella that night! We pointed out Caleb and she exclaimed, "Did Aurora kiss you? She always kisses the handsome princes!" So she went to him and kissed him, too.

Ariel came after Snow White. I really enjoyed her, she was most down to earth. Chloe and the boys told her their aunt's name was Ariel, and she loved that. When it was her turn to meet Caleb, she went and sat down next to him very seriously. "Do you want me to kiss you like my friends did?" she asked him. He looked at her and said, "Uh huh!!" She grabbed her hands and said, "Well, okay, I will. But you have to promise not to tell Eric. He wouldn't like it at all!" We all laughed, but Caleb looked so serious and said, "Okay!" Ariel laughed then, and kissed him, too!

Finally, Belle came to greet us all. She was very nice, and she told Chloe what handsome beasts she had with her. She didn't stay as long as the others, but she gave Caleb a kiss before she left as well. It was such a blast, and the night wasn't even over yet. We still had a vow renewal to attend!

Steph thought about the wishing well for a great spot. But once we walked over there, we realized it was pretty busy traffic. She then decided we'd go over to Belle's story nook. It was lovely, shaded, and slightly off the main walkway, so we thought no one would bother us there. Bonus, when we arrived, CM's showed up and started taping off the walkway for the fireworks! I was a little afraid they may say something to us, but neither said a word.

Once we were settled, Heather and Kelly got the cameras ready, and Rian had me pray. Then he started the ceremony. It was precious. Jason and Steph are our best friends, and I was thrilled to share this moment with them. They are a wonderful example to so many people, and their love for each other and their children is evident. It was a short ceremony, about 15 minutes. But it was exactly what Steph was hoping it would be.

We quickly found a place to change clothes, then went to ride more rides before the night was over. We had a great time, and were looking forward to all the days we had left of the trip. It was going by faster than I imagined it could.

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  1. finally had a chance to read these. your writing is making me feel like i'm right there. Love love love that they recognized the prince in Caleb! :D hope you have more to come!!!