Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to normal??

Today was such a great day. We had our last day of winter break, and what a perfect day it was for that! Snow like we haven't had in ages - but the temperature was dangerously low. I think the high was 14 today. But that's not enough to scare the Quinn kids! We bundled up everyone, even the baby, and hit the powder! We started up the four wheelers. Connor rigged up a sled out of an old crib mattress that I "wasn't using anyway!" according to him! It was a blast. We only lasted about 20 minutes, but it was a lot of fun. Hot chocolate and cheese chowder was definitely called for on a day like this. We watched tv, played Wii, got out the art set, played knights and gymnastics. It was so much fun. Now it's back to normal tomorrow...
Co-op starts tomorrow!! Yay!! I know a lot of people are dreading it, but I just can't wait. I have such a great time with the kids, and I have an amazing bunch of friends that just light up my life. They make me laugh, they share my sorrows when I have them, they lift me up in prayer, and so many other blessings. These ladies know what I'm going through in this crazy, hectic, homeschooling journey, and they are there to encourage me - and I, them.
We'll start our schooling back up on Wednesday, and I am pretty excited. I hope to get the kids pumped about being a little more independent. I plan on letting Connor start a research project about whatever topic suits him. I'm going to let Chloe continue with her knitting/crocheting lessons with Nana. I hope to have a little more one-on-one time with Canon. I am going to encourage the older two to meet the challenge Pastor Rian gave them about studying their bibles for 10 minutes a day, all by themselves...and I hope it works out that I may get to as well!
My prayers for the rest of the school years are these: that Chloe's love of reading and language continues to grow. That Connor FINDS a true love of books - he looks at it as a chore and avoids recreational reading like the plague. That Canon stays excited about learning and continues to make progress. That I can give Caleb the attention he needs when he needs it, and that he doesn't feel left out when I'm working on school with the big ones.
A new semester, a new year, a new decade, a new journey. I pray that you all may see the glorious hand of God in your life in 2010.

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